Description: This volunteer will strictly focus on the theology portion of our curriculum and will work alongside a Lead Volunteer-Horsemanship during guest sessions.

Requirements: Signs all barn release forms, attendance at a Healing the Wounds of Trauma/Get Grounded conference with Amanda and Brian Stout, submits to a background check, signs our statement of belief, receives approval from the Advisory Board, and the director.


Description: A Lead volunteer can perform all other volunteer functions as well as perform orientations for Comforting volunteers. Age will be decided on an individual basis. This volunteer will help to lead our guest sessions in the horsemanship part of our program. They may be eligible to lead the evangelizing portion as well if they meet all requirements of that volunteer.

Requirements: All Restoring volunteer requirements plus, attendance at a “Curriculum walk-through” clinic, submits to a background check, receives approval of the Advisory Board and the director.