Brian Stout

Introducing Brian Stout, Advisory Board Member, Quiet Pastures at Green Oak

When it comes to seeking genuine, methodical, and authentic advice, you will find such counsel in Brian Stout, Advisory Board Member with Quiet Pastures at Green Oak.  Born and raised in Kirkersville, Ohio, Brian grew up on the family’s 200-acre farm, producing corn, soybeans, and wheat, and raising cattle and hogs.  He attended The Ohio State University and earned his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, majoring in Animal Science with a minor in Agricultural Business.

A passion for teaching drove Brian to relocate his wife, Amanda, and their family to Dallas in order to attend Dallas Theological Seminary, where he earned his Master of Theology.  “At the time, my intention was to become a Theology professor and teach Bible Exposition.”  While residing in Dallas, Brian and Amanda traveled to Africa and became missionaries mentoring church leaders.  After living in Dallas for  9 years, the Stout family moved back home to Kirkersville, where Brian worked on the family farm in partnership with his father. 

Brian was destined to marry Amanda Stout, Executive Director of Quiet Pastures at Green Oak, since he was an infant in the nursery.  Amanda’s grandmother cared for Brian throughout nursery school.  “She would constantly speak to me and say, ‘Someday you are going to marry Amanda!’”  Even though geography separated them, they wrote letters to each other for 4 years prior to going on their first date on August 4, 1994.  “I remember our date vividly—where we went, where we had dinner, the movie we went to see, the outfit she was wearing, and how she wore her hair.”  Amanda’s grandmother was right!  Brian and Amanda were married on December 9, 1995, and they started their family and lives together. 

In 2017, Quiet Pastures was launched.  Initially, Brian was not involved on a full-time basis, but contributed to the planning decisions.  In May of 2021, Brian joined the nonprofit full-time to assume administrative responsibilities, farm upkeep and maintenance, animal care, and guest session mentoring.  Brian’s authentic and transparent demeanor, coupled with his farming experience and seminary training, equips him to fulfill each area of his responsibilities.  He manages and pours into each area with confidence, calculation, and certainty.  “I love all aspects of planning, organizing, and scheduling the 90+ volunteers.   I also love the physical labor associated with caring for the property and the horses.  My mentoring time is primarily focused with the boys and adult men who attend our sessions and complete the 8-week training and curriculum.  We provide mentoring, evangelism, and discipleship to each one of our guests.”

The transformations which take place at Quiet Pastures last for an eternity.  Believers have a more comprehensive understanding of their relationship with God, and non-believers experience a new perspective and idea of what Christians and God are like.  It is common for guests to say, “This is a place of peace.  There is something different about Quiet Pastures.”

Brian Stout knows their ministry is meaningful as he witnesses change and personal growth.  He receives constant feedback from the volunteers, who express gratitude for being involved in the ministry, as well as from the guests who appreciate the solid teaching and mentorship they are receiving.  “Guests know that I will listen and be straightforward with them.  Ultimately, they know where I stand in my faith.”  As Brian embraces each day, he is grateful that he works in unity with his wife in the ministry.  “Amanda is the visionary and the leader.  I am proud to come alongside her providing support, encouragement, and structure.  Together, we make a fantastic team!”


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