Angela Baltzer

Angela Baltzer, Advisory Board Member, Quiet Pastures at Green Oak

Laughter and joy for The Lord are two of the immediate characteristics you will experience when you meet Angela Baltzer, Advisory Board Member of Quiet Pastures at Green Oak.  Born in Dallas, Texas. Angela has resided in Texas her entire life, moving to Murphy, Texas in 2002.  When Angela graduated from High School, she knew she wanted to be a Financial Analyst, so she enrolled at University of Texas Dallas and graduated Cum Laude with Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance.  Currently, Angela works for KPMG, one of the Top 4 Accounting Firms in the Nation, as an Internal Analyst.  “I love working with my colleagues, financial modeling, financial planning and with our leadership team.”

Angela’s interest in horse riding peaked after she volunteered at an Equestrian Therapy Center. In 2008, Angela met Amanda Stout, Executive Director of Quiet Pastures, while Amanda was living in Texas and working as a Horse-Riding Instructor/Trainer.  “I had just accepted The Lord as my Savior and God orchestrated that Amanda and I were to meet.  Amanda was the first person who I had ever met who asked, ‘Can I pray for you?’  I immediately knew that she was a very special woman.  She discipled to me and became the person I sought out if I needed spiritual guidance and direction.  She is the example of someone who trusts The Lord with everything and that shaped my life!”    

When Angela became aware of Amanda’s plans to launch Quiet Pastures at Green Oak in 2017, she wanted to be involved, even though she realized it would be on a remote basis.  Angela joined as an Advisory Board Member in May 2018 and participates in the online Board Meetings.  Annually, there is a physical Board Meeting at Quiet Pastures and Angela travels to Ohio to participate in the meeting and to pray with the guests she meets during her stay.  “I know first-hand how important it is to have a relationship with The Lord and to understand what Jesus has already done for each of us.  Personally, I emerged from an addiction to alcohol and have been sober for 12 years.  There is nothing more freeing and powerful than the Love of Christ!”

Through the ministry at Quiet Pastures, Angela is confident that others will experience the same healing and transformation which she found through her Leadership Development and her ongoing relationship with Amanda.  Quiet Pastures utilizes Equine as the conduit to break down barriers and to open the lines of communication.  The 8-week sessions are built on a foundation of lessons which build rapport and trust with the horses.  Ultimately, this leads to trust and self-confidence and to accepting a relationship with Jesus Christ.   

At home in Texas, Angela is involved with a recovery ministry through her church, Lakepointe Church Firewheel Regeneration Ministry.  “Sharing The Gospel and pointing others to Christ is my mission.”  Angela wants the best for others and connects with others in an authentic, loving, compassionate, and encouraging manner.  Her deep friendships last for decades and she is grateful that God has placed her in a position where others trust her.  “When I hear stories of the obstacles and challenges which others have overcome, it reminds me of God’s grace, mercy and power.” 

Angela Baltzer is a Woman of God who is open to learning from God and she pays attention to those He places in her life.  She is the first to say, “Don’t give up hope and let me tell you what God did for me.” Then, of course, she follows that with “Can I pray for you?”


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