Amanda Stout

Introducing Amanda Stout, Executive Director, Quiet Pastures at Green Oak

Upon meeting Amanda Stout, Executive Director of Quiet Pastures at Green Oak, you will immediately sense her passion for The Lord, her authentic leadership skills, her dedication to ministry and her love for horses.  Amanda was born in California, lived in Kentucky and Texas, yet proudly refers to Ohio as home. Since the 1970’s, Amanda’s Grandfather, Jack Klema, owned Zeller’s Acres, located in Pataskala, Ohio. “My Grandfather was the most influential person in my life!  He exuded the gift of love and utilized his gravel quarry and construction business as a conduit to lead his co-workers, employees and customers to Jesus Christ—as that is all he wanted to do.”

As Amanda enrolled at The Ohio State University in 1994, she knew she wanted to study Animal Science, with a focus on Equine Studies, and coupled that with a Minor in Agricultural Business.  She purchased her first horse during college and earned her Bachelor’s in Animal Science in 1999.  Within the same year, a portion of Zeller’s Acres was renamed and reestablished as Green Oak Equestrian Center.  Initially, riding lessons and horse training were the main services offered at the 20,000 square foot Equestrian Center.  Amanda’s husband, Brian, wanted to attend Dallas Theological Seminary, so they relocated and lived in Dallas for 9 years.  During this time, Amanda continued as a Horsemanship Instructor, while she and Brian also became full-time missionaries, mentoring church leaders in Africa.    

Once Amanda and Brian returned to Ohio, they heard audible direction from God, and they began planning for their Ministry.  In 2017, the nonprofit, Quiet Pastures at Green Oak was formed and launched.  The Ministry is designed to lead women and youth to a relationship with Jesus Christ through a unique connection, which is possible through Horsemanship.  Over the years, Amanda has impacted hundreds of women and youth through her mentorship, discipleship, and leadership programs.  “Our horses are the conduit to opening hearts and opening minds, so those who are willing to hear The Gospel, and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, do so!  I am inspired when I watch as the Holy Spirit works in their lives, and they make the decision to accept Christ.”

Primarily, Quiet Pastures serves women who have been sex-trafficked, those who are in drug/alcohol rehab, as well as at-risk youth who are aging out of foster care.  The horsemanship/mentoring sessions are 2 hours long and guests attend 8 sessions.  Once guests complete the initial 16-hour beginner session, they can elect to move on to the intermediate and advanced sessions, or they can repeat and remain at the same level.  “Our guests say that the rural barn setting, surrounded by horses is ‘A Place of Peace’ and Quiet Pastures allows them to feel comfortable and accepted, so they can heal while knowing they are loved.”

Recently Amanda has launched a ‘Horsemanship Program’ which serves men, women, boys, and girls who want to meet weekly and participate in Bible Study, while learning how to ride, handle, and communicate with horses.  The sessions include horsemanship, riding and mentoring.  Amanda is blessed with a humble and empathetic team of discipleship leaders who are dedicated to the Evangelistic Ministry and who love The Lord. “Each of us are constantly learning and growing in our walk together and we are like iron sharpening iron.”

Amanda Stout is deeply rooted in the community and collaborates with other ministries who utilize Equine within their programs.  She is grateful and honored to carry on her Grandfather’s legacy of sharing The Gospel on family property–and in a barn–which he built in 1999.  On the wall, there is a plaque that says, ‘This is the Barn that Jack Built’ and Amanda couldn’t be prouder.


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